Our actions on trust and safety

Last updated JANUARY 2ND, 2022

Allowing a stranger to enter your home is a very personal and trustworthy act. It’s super important for us that you feel that you can trust On Our Way.

We appreciate that when you book a clean, you’re trusting us explicitly to look after your house and belongings. That expectation pushes us to continuously improve, innovate and roll out new features.

No matter if you are a customer or cleaner - your trust and safety will always be a critical priority for us.

Here is everything that we have in place to maintain integrity of the service and the experience:

Safety Feedback

Along with rating and providing feedback on the quality of the clean you will also be able to leave feedback on any safety concerns, such as not wearing a mask. This helps us get better and creates accountability. Learn more about our COVID-19 actions here.

Background checks, bonding and insurance

Before a cleaner can step foot in your home, they must pass a multi-step safety test which validates their background/criminal record, bonding, insurance and understanding of our strict protocols. We also re-screen cleaners every year. If a cleaner violates our Terms of Service Agreement they will be terminated from our platform immediately. Learn about our protocols here.

Emergency support

Coming soon

If an emergency occurs, select 911 assistance on the website to receive critical job information to help the operator. See it in action.


Your personal and payment information is secure at all times, both cleaner and customer cannot see each other’s details. For example, once a job has been finished, we conceal your address in the cleaners job history. Learn more about our privacy policy here.

Actionable ratings

We ask both customers and cleaners to rate the experience. This anonymous system holds both parties accountable. We also consistently review low-rated jobs and take appropriate action.

The material provided on this web page is subject to change and may be updated without notice.