One business can only achieve so much

Giving back to the community

We love living in Oakville and giving back means a lot to us.

We give free of charge cleans to people in need within our community, every month.

Got any other ideas on how we can support? Do you run a local charity and are looking for help? Please reach out at!

If you are looking for a new hustle to earn a market leading wage (>$20 an hour) and make a difference, or would revel in the sense of relief that comes from a lack of chores and dirt, we are also here for you. We are always hiring!

Together, we can make a difference.

Our roots

On Our Way is locally created, owned and operated. Started in our garage at the end of 2020 and free from external or corporate investment, we are a small team on a mission with big plans.

Aside from helping us reduce expenses and give industry leading prices, being digital first allows us to move extremely fast when it comes to disruption from innovation. Our machine learning driven algorithms are already a step ahead from competitors and we are just getting started!

For example, when you input your postcode into the flat rate calculator or sign up process, our algorithm (lovingly referred to as On Our Way A.I.) knows the average amount of bedrooms and bathrooms in that area. Then depending on how often the pre-filled suggestion gets adjusted, the algorithm then adjusts postal code suggestions to make it more accurate over time (machine learning).

By having this simple innovation in place we can reduce the amount of time to receive an accurate flat rate quote to seconds, from just one piece of information. Remember the days of a phone call/home visit/email questionnaire to get the same thing?

We promise to continue to set the bar high; not shackle ourselves with big corporations who want us to franchise and keep our demanding commitments around privacy, safety, trust, transparency and community.

Thank you for supporting our small but mighty Canadian business!

Community Guidelines

At On Our Way, the health and well-being of our customers, cleaners and communities is our highest priority. We have implemented the necessary safeguards, and are fully prepared to take additional measures, as the situation requires. Please see our Trust and COVID-19 pages for more information related to those specific topics.

Everyone who signs up for an account is required to follow our guidelines:

Be safe

  • If it would give you peace of mind, please put away any important documents, lock valuables such as jewelry, personal electronic devices and loose cash.
  • Putting away pets - this precaution depends on your pet’s level of comfort with strangers in the house and may impact the cleaning ability of our cleaners.
  • If you are at home at the time of cleaning; please ensure you are physically distancing as our cleaners are required to adhere to the 2 meter rule. If possible limit the number of people in the vicinity of where the cleaners are.
  • Cleaners are required to only lift objects up to 25kg
  • We would greatly appreciate it if you can advise us of any broken items around your home in advance.
  • If you are not feeling well, please let us know and we can reschedule your clean at no additional charge.
  • We don’t condone abusive behaviour, sexual misconduct or assault, discrimination and other threatening behaviour. Permanent bans from our platform will be enforced and law enforcement involvement if required.
  • If you find yourself in immediate danger, please report to the local police right away then contact us.

Be vocal

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Should something happen - either good or bad, we want to make it easy for you to voice your concerns and opinions. Your feedback matters to us.

We have different methods for you to provide your feedback:

Phone: +1 365 228 5205

Be trustworthy

On Our Way is committed to obeying all applicable laws and earning your trust, in addition to this, we also expect everyone who uses our platform to adhere to the rules and regulations.

Providing accurate information is very important when creating accounts, reporting incidents, requesting credits and disputing charges or fees.

When messaging on the platform we do not share any personal information across platforms. If you feel that there is any misuse of your information please use the report function as required.

Any usage of alcohol and/or drugs around, on, or during a cleaning - as a cleaner or customer - is strictly prohibited.

On Our Way may deactivate any accounts associated with breaches of our guidelines and/or policies including: abusing promotions, collusion between customer and cleaner, disputing prices for fraudulent or illegitimate reasons or duplicate accounts.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at